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Intimate blending of disparate materials of different consistencies, viscosities, densities, shapes, proportions: liquid/liquid, liquid/solid, solid/solid - isachieved effectively by use of planetary mixer.

Special Features:

  • The mixing bowl can be easily retracted from the machine for washing, cleaning and transporting mixed materials.
  • Machine can be operated on two speeds.
  • Jacketed bowls available for heating or cooling the product during mixing are optional.
  • Manual lifting arrangement of bowl upto 120 ltr.
  • Different designs and shapes of mixing beater available for specific process.
  • Bowl provided with conical cover to avoid dusting while mixing.
  • Flameproof construction of electrical optional for mixing with inflamable solvents.
  • Machine portable and compact in design requires no foundation.

​Pharmaceuticals, Powders granules, ointment, gelatine, cosmetic food and confectioneries, soap and detergents, ceramics, pesticide and insecticide formulations, colours and pigments.