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Rotary Vacuum Dryer


Sun Machinery offers Vacuum Dryer offers clean, guileless and operational method of drying centrifuge or strained dewy cakes, misty powders and slurries. Functioning underneath vacuum, the dryer efficiently dries heat reflective ingredients to identical low LOD levels. Turpentine are abbreviated and recuperated. The procedure is consignment and drying period depends on substantial being dried, amount of solvent or water to be detached, preferred LOD level, tolerated jacket temperature etc.

Features Configurations:

  • Rotor Types: Helical Ribbon, Paddles, and Special.
  • Heating Surfaces: Shell, End Covers, and Shaft.
  • Heating Media: Steam, Hot Water/Oil, Thermic Fluid.
  • Very suitable for drying materials which are heat sensitive, as low temperature for drying can be maintained by high vacuum
  • Higher Thermal Efficiency.Almost 100% recovery of solvents.
  • Heating Temp.: From 30°C to 300°C.
  • Limpet coil could be provided instead of jacket if the heating media is fluid.